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This is the website dedicated to the outstanding Acon2 (second edition!)

With music blending between Ethnic, Blues, Rock & Jazz,

you might call it Fusion, but decide for yourself.


Recording, mixing and mastering has been done, so now Acon2 is just about to release their debut album “Lateef” on various streaming services. 12 instrumental tracks spanning over nearly one hour of exciting music. 

01/10/18… Lateef is now released on various streaming services including Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play.

Producing Lateef


Allan and Svend met in the band “Matao” at the end of ’79. They recorded the LP “Tyrkish Delight” in 1980 with Atilla Engin (drums) & Torben Groenning (bass). They played together in several bands in the 80s and 90s and has since had various careeres. They met again in 2016 when Acon2’s first crew came to an end, and decided to record an album with Acon2 music.

Allan provided his own “Railroad Studio” together with a lot of ideas and Svend ensured the compositions and arrangements.

The Music

Svend and Allan is Acon2

Listen to 6 snippets from the new album by Acon2 : Lateef


Acon2 piano player
Svend Staal Acon2
Acon2 set up

The first Acon2 project ended in 2016, and the new constellation, Svend Staal & Allan Stade, took off shortly after the same year.

They had privately for some time been talking about recording some of Svend latest compositions, and now they tried to find a way to give these compositions the right sound and instrumentation.

The recording started in early 2017, and a decision was made to play all instruments themselves.

The recording has been a very long process because the challenge of playing all instruments and the urge to incorporate all the new exciting soundtoys that’s constantly being released.

All recordings started up with creating a basic drum track followed by bass and a few keyboards and guitar. When the musicians had approved the overall form of the track, work began exploring all the endless possibilities at hand, at the same time trying to keep the music as fresh and “live-like” as possible. During a period of a year and a half the twelve tracks evolved from paper to well-crafted pieces of music with a modern sound, standing on the shoulders of Svend and Allan’s musical heroes of the sixties and seventies.

Allan uses a large package of keyboard plugins (Embertone Steinway, Scarbee Fender Rhodes, NI Komplete Ultimate. U-he Diva & Repro 1/5, Toontrack Superior Drummer 3, Izotope vocalsynth,  a.o) and Svend uses guitar plugins & pedalboards made of different brands, along with Gibson, Godin, Martin & PRS guitars. In addition, the Triple Play wireless midi system has been used for bass (using plugins from Spectrasonics & Amplesound) and some solo sounds (U-he Diva). Drumpad was used to provide as natural drumming as possible.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin was used as soundcard, and the music was mixed using Softube Console 1. Mastering was done through Izotope Ozone 8.

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